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October Edition 2022

The internet has changed everything, so why shouldn’t it change the art world?

Indeed, online sales now make up a large chunk of the art market. What we hear less about, though, is how the growth of online art buying is affecting the relationships between collectors and gallerists. I asked how dealers are using digital media to maintain relationships with their clientele, and how art buyers use them to feel closer to the works they love.

How Online Art Buying Has Changed the Gallerist-Collector Relationship

How have online tools like marketplaces, price databases, and social media changed the way that gallerists and collectors build lasting relationships?

5 Questions Every Gallery and Artist Should Ask before Working with an Auction House

Find out what to ask when it comes to primary-market auctions.

September Edition 2022

Art fairs have always been important to galleries, but perhaps it was only during the pandemic that we learned just how important.

It’s not that sales dropped without them (by all accounts, they didn’t), but the conversations between gallerists and collectors that lead to fruitful relationships down the line? They often happen at fairs. That’s why I was intrigued to see what galleries’ fair participation would be like this fall.

How Many Art Fairs Are Galleries Attending This Fall?

This year, there are more fairs than ever for galleries to attend in September and October. With so many options, how have galleries decided where to focus their time and energy?

5 Gallery Shows to Look Forward to This Fall

Check out these must-see gallery shows for fall, from Tina Kim Gallery to Pace Gallery and more.

August Edition 2022

For some gallerists, the scorching temperatures signal that it’s time to follow their clients in taking a well-earned rest and close their gallery’s doors to visitors. For others, the pressure of the always-on art world can’t be ignored so easily. 

I asked galleries about their attitudes towards the summer break as well as spotlighting some destination galleries that meet holidaying collectors where they are.

Did the Pandemic Put an End to Galleries’ Summer Holidays?

In the art world, no one works in August. Right? Well, it depends on who you ask.

5 Far-Flung Destination Galleries

Read about these far-flung destination galleries that meet holidaying collectors where they are.

July Edition 2022

Fraud—no one wants to talk about it, but it happens all the time. This month, I’m talking about the most common ways that galleries fall prey to scams—particularly, the kind that involves email.

It’s also summertime, so as well as digging into this serious topic, I also asked gallerists where they are going on holiday this year?

How and Why Galleries Are Getting Hacked

Read the most common ways that galleries fall prey to scams and why the art world is such a target for hackers.

Where Gallerists Are Going on Holiday

Read where gallerists Kristin Hjellegjerde, Loïc Le Gaillard, and Shulamit Nazarian are going on holiday this year.

June Edition 2022

How can galleries support queer art practices? Much of the art world has become increasingly welcoming of queer artists and communities, and all of the galleries I spoke to expressed their desire to show their artists’ work authentically and sensitively.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of buyers who are specifically interested in this kind of work. How do galleries cater to these collectors, while keeping their artists’ needs in mind?

What Does It Mean for Galleries to Support Queer Artists Today?

Read how dealers are working to represent the varied practices of LGBTQ artists today. 

What’s Live On Artsy

Check out some of the current gallery exhibitions on Artsy that focus on queer themes.

May Edition 2022

For art lovers, there’s nowhere like New York City. As gallerist Sean Kelly said last week, speaking about the city’s capacity for art events: “I don’t think there’s a limit on New York.”

It certainly seems like it this month. With this in mind, I looked at the unique challenges and opportunities for gallerists and art fairs in the city. Will collectors grow fatigued with New York fairs?

Can New York Have Too Many Art Fairs?

As the calendar creates more moments for New York in the spotlight, we might wonder: Is there a limit to how many art fairs can find success in the city?

Notable Sales at New York Art Week

Discover some of the notable sales that took place during the inaugural edition of New York Art Week.

April Edition 2022

It’s been a long, hard wait, but the Venice Biennale is finally back. It’s the first time in the Biennale’s history that the exhibition will include a majority of women and gender nonconforming artists. Amid all this change, I wanted to find out how are galleries supporting their artists who will be showing in the Biennale.

What the Venice Biennale Means for Galleries

How do galleries manage their own, and artists’, interests while also adhering to the Biennale’s spirit of a market-neutral gathering?

Art-World Insiders’ Venice Tips

Find out where a variety of Venice regulars where they’ll be sneaking off to take a break from the contemporary art overload next week.

March Edition 2022

On February 24th, everything changed. The past few weeks, I’ve been watching what’s unfolding in Ukraine in horror, and wishing I could do more.

While artists and institutions in Europe in particular have been contributing to fundraising efforts for Ukrainian aid, one notable source of help has been cryptocurrency and NFTs. The Ukrainian government called for donations in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether—and over $60 million has been raised at the time of writing.

NFTs Promised to Revolutionize the Art World. Are Galleries on Board?

With a year of NFTs behind us, how have galleries responded to this surge in interest for blockchain-certified work?

Mieke Marple and Sinziana Velicescu on Curating a Sale of Generative Art NFTs

Sinziana Velicescu of Vellum LA and artist/writer Mieke Marple discuss how generative art works with NFTs and what should collectors know about buying NFTs.

February Edition 2022

Welcome to the first edition of The Gallerist, a newsletter from Artsy highlighting the latest topics affecting the art industry. From market analysis to art fair updates to million-dollar sales, I’ll be bringing you the long view on what lies ahead in the art world and spotlighting some fantastic art and artists in the process.

For this edition, I’ve homed in on the return of Frieze Los Angeles. As the 2022 fair kicks off, I asked gallerists how things have changed for them in the past two years, and consider what this moment of in-person meeting means to the L.A. art scene. I also chat with Knowledge Bennett, the artist and founder of L.A. gallery The KNOW Contemporary.

Will Frieze Los Angeles Represent the “New Normal” for Art Fairs?

In a new location, a larger roster of galleries, and new director Christine Messineo at the helm, will the fair offer galleries and collectors a glimpse of a more “normal” art market in 2022?

Knowledge Bennett on His Latest Show and Must-Sees in L.A.

Knowledge Bennett discusses his latest show of work by emerging Black artists, “BLACK,” co-curated by Bennett and author and art historian Charles Moore.