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Run by our team of art historians and information scientists, The Art Genome Project maps the categories that connect artists, artworks, architecture, and design objects across art history. From online browsing to personalized recommendations, these categories—which you select for your works—help collectors discover your works on Artsy.

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 “With Artsy, our artists are in front of a world audience all the time, because there are people constantly around the world who are looking at Artsy.”

– Jen and James Mauldin, Jen Mauldin Gallery (view case study)

Power your digital strategy with ArtDemand.

Artsy values an analytical approach to help art businesses grow and thrive online. Our data provides a unique window into the complex inner workings of the art market and what attracts collectors. Get tailored recommendations and unpack what that data means for your gallery with ArtDemand.

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Discoverable via the shows page or through personalized notifications, publishing your shows on Artsy allows collectors from around the world to view them. Online exclusive shows enable you to curate a group of works to highlight on your Artsy page—at a fraction of the cost of hosting a show in a physical space.

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