Webinar: New Models for Championing Black Artists

Calida Rawles, Lightness of Being, 2018. Courtesy of Various Small Fires.

Webinar: New Models for Championing Black Artists

How can galleries champion Black artists and safeguard their markets? Watch the discussion between Karen Jenkins-Johnson, founder of Jenkins-Johnson Gallery; Kyla McMillan, director at David Zwirner; Nicola Vassell, founder of Concept NV; and Melanie Edmunds, associate director at Artsy.

What’s covered:

  • How to create opportunities for Black artists and build their audiences
  • The unique challenges Black artists face today—and how to build sustainable markets for their work
  • The importance of prioritizing Black collectors’ access to works by Black artists
  • How the art world can celebrate the creativity, talent, and careers of Black artists


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