Gallery Spotlight: Isabel Croxatto Galería

Learn how a Chilean gallery leverages Artsy’s online tools to increase the gallery roster’s international presence.

Gallery Spotlight: Isabel Croxatto Galería
Gallery Spotlight: Isabel Croxatto Galería


Isabel Croxatto Galería was founded in 2012, in Santiago, Chile, as an international contemporary art platform, focused on emerging and established contemporary artists from the south of the world.

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Santiago  •  Las Condes


Portrait of Isabel Croxatto, 2024.

After 35 years as a contemporary dancer, researcher, and choreographer, Isabel Croxatto turned her attention to the contemporary art world in 2012. Inspired by a lifetime of engagement with visual art, she curated her own collection, laying the groundwork for Isabel Croxatto Galería, a gallery space first opened in her apartment in Santiago, Chile. Here, Croxatto endeavored to champion emerging and mid-career artists, and the gallery has since become an established beacon for Chilean and South American artists aspiring to broaden their global reach.

“The gallery was born under the concept of ‘living with art,’ moved by the idea of creating an immersive art experience where people could come closer to visual arts and dialogue with the artwork in a more intimate way,” Croxatto told Artsy. This hospitable ethos has defined Isabel Croxatto Galería, even as its roster expanded to represent 30 artists across Chile, Latin America, and Europe. Artists such as Víctor Castillo, Nicola Verlato, and Miss Van have contributed to the gallery’s widespread acclaim over the past 12 years.

Installation view of Azúcar Hierro Cafeína, by Fabio Castro at Isabel Croxatto Galería - LOCAL 2, Santiago, 2022. Photo: Nicolás de Sarmiento. Courtesy of Isabel Croxatto Galería.

A pivotal element in the gallery’s global success has been its strategic engagement with Artsy, which began in 2015. “Given Chile’s geographical distance from the world’s leading art hubs, when I opened the gallery, I recognized the importance of establishing an online presence to connect with global collectors and audiences,” Croxatto said, emphasizing how Artsy helped the gallery open new markets for its Latin American artists. “Artsy has been an essential partner in reaching these collectors and markets,” she added.

One notable success story is Chilean artist Rolankay, whose debut solo exhibition with the gallery, “Supersticiones,” received a swell of positive responses via Artsy. “Within a few days from the opening, [Rolankay’s] paintings were acquired by collectors in Chile, Switzerland, Brazil, South Korea, and Australia, among others,” Croxatto recalled.

“This propelled him to instant fame locally and globally. Witnessing how our collaboration with Artsy can elevate a self-taught artist into a global sensation, with his work reaching distant corners of the world, brings immense gratification,” she added.

Installation Installation view of Supersticiones, by Rolankay at Isabel Croxatto Galería, Santiago, 2022. Photo: Nicolás de Sarmiento. Courtesy of Isabel Croxatto Galería.

Online viewing rooms have also become an indispensable feature for the gallery, allowing it to present an immersive experience akin to personalized physical visits. These online spaces allow the gallery’s prospects and inquirers to engage closely with the art, and Croxatto also provides additional context from the gallery, artists, and curators to help collectors feel connected to the artwork wherever they are. “This knowledge-sharing with collectors and audiences is invaluable, and in a way, [online viewing rooms] help replicate the personalized visits we offer at the gallery in Santiago,” she said.

Ten years after opening the exhibition space in her apartment, Croxatto debuted Local 2, a space in the El Golf district of Santiago, to showcase younger and more experimental projects. Then, in 2023, Croxatto, in collaboration with private collectors, broadened the gallery’s reach by launching La Embajada, an international residence and exhibition program based in Madrid that has hosted the likes of Carolina Muñoz, Paloma Castillo, and Vicente Prieto Gaggero.

Installation view of Once Upon a Happy Land, by Víctor Castillo at Isabel Croxatto Galería - LOCAL 2. Santiago, 2022. Photo: Pía Bahamondes/Plataforma Visual. Courtesy of Isabel Croxatto Galería.

Alongside these milestones, the gallery has embraced digital channels as a viable and necessary way to build trust and relationships with collectors. In addition to its own virtual exhibition space, ICG+, the gallery has employed Artsy’s online platform and tools to convey its program to a broader audience online.

“With the launch of the Artsy marketplace, we’ve reached a global audience increasingly embracing online art content and purchases,” Croxatto said. “As a result, we now connect with new collectors through Artsy, our website, and Instagram, leveraging specialized technology for the art world. This enables us to maintain dynamic and close relationships with our global community—on-site and online.”

Installation view of Ayer y Hoy, by Mara Faúndez at Isabel Croxatto Galería, Santiago, 2023. Photo: Marcelo Cruzat. Courtesy of Isabel Croxatto Galería.

Due to the contemporary collector’s desire for immediacy and convenience, Artsy’s “Buy Now/Make Offer” feature has transformed how Isabel Croxatto Galería facilitates art transactions. This tool simplifies the process of acquiring art, mirroring the hospitable ethos that founded the gallery. Croxatto told Artsy she tells her clients to “buy now from the comfort of your home and let us do the rest.”

By embracing the digital realm, Croxatto has expanded the gallery’s reach and opened new avenues for interaction and engagement with contemporary art, ensuring the gallery remains a vital hub for artists and collectors alike. With Artsy, the gallerist and her team build long-term relationships within a worldwide community without losing the ethos that her gallery was born out of.

“Being an art gallery located at the southernmost tip of the continent can be very challenging when it comes to presenting new artists to the world,” Croxatto said. “In that sense, Artsy has been a great partner, allowing us to gain visibility, stay connected, and grow our client base from all over the world.”