2022 Gallery Insights Report

2022 Gallery Insights Report
2022 Gallery Insights Report

Artsy Gallery Insights: 2022 Report


The latest edition of our annual gallery insights report is here, with input from 873 galleries across the globe.

Read the report and dig into the most important topics for galleries today, from NFTs and blockchain technology to online sales and marketing—and much more.


Key Findings

  • Online sales keep growing, even as in-person events return. Of the galleries we surveyed, 64% reported that their volume of online sales increased in 2021 compared to 2020, quelling doubts that online sales models would be temporary measures.
  • Few galleries are selling NFTs or accepting cryptocurrency—for now. Only 11% of the surveyed galleries reported selling NFTs in 2021, though 25% said they plan on selling them in 2022.
  • Marketing budgets have come roaring back to life. The average marketing budget in 2021 rose to $92,800, a 38% increase from the average 2020 budget and 24% more than in 2019.
  • Galleries still prefer bank and wire transfers over credit cards. Galleries ranked wire and bank transfers as their top two payment preferences, with credit card payments coming in at third place. According to Art Collecting 2021: An Artsy Report, however, most collectors prefer paying with credit cards above any other method.

Read the full report for more findings and comparisons.

The volume of online sales grew for 64% of galleries last year.

Only 11% of galleries sold NFTs in 2021.


Total gallery marketing budgets increased by 38% compared to 2020.