The Online Art Collector Report 2019

Discover why collectors buy

What are the main reasons collectors purchase art online? It turns out they’re not so different from their motivations when buying art offline. Surveyed collectors cited aesthetics and a desire to live with art; a passion for artists and their stories; and affordability among their key motivations and considerations when buying art online.

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Key insights into who is buying art online

Of the nearly 4,000 collectors who responded to Artsy’s survey, more than 50% have been collecting for fewer than 10 years, and 32% are under 35 years of age. However, collectors aged 35–44 were the most likely to have purchased art online in the past.

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Learn the key drivers behind online transactions

The surveyed art collectors identified five key drivers that have pushed them to buy online—exclusive access to artworks; convenience; access to information; more competitive pricing; and avoiding the “intimidating” art world.

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