3 Reasons to Bring Your Gallery Online This Off-season

Though the off-season may yield slower foot traffic for galleries, the buzz of collectors looking online for works doesn’t fade during the months of June, July, and August. In fact, galleries on Artsy have not seen the same seasonal slump as exclusively brick-and-mortar businesses—being online enables galleries to connect with collectors around the world, no matter their location or summer schedule.

While there are many reasons to bring your gallery online, increased sales during the off-season is one of the most compelling. Here are three reasons why bringing your gallery online can help you drive your sales strategy this off-season.

1. Join one of the fastest growing segments of the art market

This past March, “The Art Market 2019,” the annual report published by Art Basel and UBS, showed that the online art market grew 11% year over year, which is almost two times as fast as the total art market. Today, many collectors research and buy art in the same way that they go about their other habits: online. Make it easy for collectors to find your gallery and artists. If you haven’t already, update your gallery’s website and establish a presence on social media and online art platforms. Creating a profile for your gallery on Artsy will make it easy for collectors to inquire about or purchase works online, while also enabling them to browse on mobile—perfect for those who might be traveling over the summer.

2. Catch collectors on the go

Did you know that over half of Artsy’s inquiries in 2018 came through mobile? Like the rest of us, many collectors capitalize on the opportunity to take time off and travel during the summer months. This means they’ll likely spend more time browsing on their phones and tablets than on their computers or in person.

Joining an online art platform like Artsy will boost your gallery’s digital marketing efforts by ensuring that collectors have a positive online experience with your gallery, whether they’re on desktop or mobile. Artsy partners receive custom, mobile-optimized profile pages that house works, artist pages, and curated shows. Additionally, collectors who follow your represented artists can receive personalized email notifications whenever you upload a new work—an impactful supplement to the email marketing your gallery may already be doing.

When it comes to reaching collectors on the go, another helpful tool is Artsy Conversations, our direct-to-collector messaging feature. Designed to save you time, Conversations lets you easily keep track of inquiries and ongoing negotiations, so that you can communicate with current and future customers without digging through emails or direct messages on social.

3. Showcase your backroom

Don’t only focus on what’s new! While you may upload your newest inventory to your website or social-media profile when things are busy, take advantage of the off-season’s calm to showcase your gallery’s entire collection, including works that might not currently be on display. Collectors online (and on Artsy) come from all different places, backgrounds, and levels of collecting—you never know what might resonate with someone. Or experiment with a show you’ve been thinking about curating by posting it as an Online Exclusive show on Artsy.


Creating a compelling and sophisticated online presence can feel intimidating, but it doesn’t have to. Whether your gallery has been around for days or decades, let Artsy help you deliver an exceptional user experience to collectors browsing for art online this off-season. Learn more about how your gallery can thrive online. 

Jessie Edelman, Mid Summer, 2018. Courtesy of Denny Dimin Gallery.

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