Digital resources to help you run your gallery business online.

Worksheet: Your Digital Strategy in 30 Minutes

Our digital framework to makes it easy for you to evaluate where current digital strategy stands and how you can improve it. Use this worksheet to understand which tools are most effective for your business and which opportunities you may be missing out on.

Webinar: Telling Your Gallery’s Story Online

Telling your gallery’s story to a collector in person or over the phone may be second nature, but how are you telling the story of your gallery and your artists digitally online? Watch our webinar featuring two galleries and Artsy marketing specialists to learn how you can build an effective online presence.

Success Story: Mark Moore Fine Art

Feeling preoccupied with excessive operational costs and responsibilities to dedicate enough time to his artists, Mark Moore closed his brick-and-mortar storefront in Culver City, California to open Mark Moore Fine Art—an evolution of Mark Moore Gallery that operates almost exclusively online. Learn how Moore transformed his physical enterprise into a thriving online gallery, and the role Artsy played along the way.

5 Ways to Tell Your Artists’ Stories Online

While storytelling has always been an important skill for art business owners, today, it is about being an effective online storyteller. Make sure you can engage, educate, and excite potential buyers with your gallery’s digital content. Discover five easy ways to tell your artists’ stories online.

How to Make Your Art Fair Booth Stand Out—Online

More and more collectors are researching works to buy online and expecting to communicate with galleries digitally—before, during, and after a fair. Embracing the digital is necessary for your gallery to engage fairgoers and increase the return on your art fair investment. From online platforms to email and social media, read this article for strategies you can use to promote your fair booth online.

Webinar: Optimizing Your Artists’ Digital Presence

Hear from two New York gallerists and Artsy gallery experts as they discuss tips on navigating relationships with artists who have their own online presence, as well as on building a digital strategy with a high return on investment.

3 Ways to Promote Your Exhibition Virtually

Did you know that bringing your physical exhibitions online can significantly expand your artists’ following while increasing your reach to both existing and potential collectors? Complete this worksheet and learn how to master Instagram, email, and online art platforms.

Digital Marketing Kit for Galleries

This kit includes more than 10 strategies across three marketing channels, written by experts in digital marketing and the art industry. Access an overview of SEO, Instagram tips and tricks, and easy-to-replicate email subject line options that are proven to convert.

The Gallery’s Guide to Photography for Online Use

With the online art market slated to hit $8.37 billion by 2023, attractive and high-quality digital representation of your gallery online is a necessity. From developing a visual consistency for your gallery’s brand to crafting the perfect installation shot, learn how curated gallery photography can make the difference when promoting your gallery’s inventory online.

The Collector Buying Journey—Online

Patrons who browse for and purchase art online are serious about collecting and supporting artists. Learn unique insights into online collector behavior, including how collectors discover art they want to buy online and initial motivations for purchasing art.

Learn how Artsy’s marketplace can support your digital presence and introduce you to collectors around the world.