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Being online doesn’t mean you’re succeeding online. Artsy has over 2 million users from 190 countries. That exposure, in addition to best-in-class Search Engine Optimization and personalized recommendations, means your artists are well-positioned for optimal visibility across multiple digital channels.

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 “Whenever I come across an artist that catches my attention at a fair or a gallery, I immediately look them up on Artsy.”

– Jeongho Nam, South-Korea based collector (read interview)

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Artsy CMS is the central hub of an Artsy partnership, giving you the tools you need to upload artworks, organize inventory, and manage collector conversations. Our integration with Artlogic prioritizes your time, ensuring a seamless and secure workflow between the two platforms that allows you to share works, metadata, and images automatically.

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Marketplace tools like Artsy’s collector resume make it easy to see who you’re connecting with online. Reduce existing barriers to purchase and let Artsy take care of facilitating your sales so you can focus on what matters most: nurturing your gallery, artists, and collectors.

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