Updates from Artsy’s Head of Galleries & Fairs

Learn more about recent product launches and new features for Artsy’s gallery partnerships.

Updates from Artsy’s Head of Galleries & Fairs
Updates from Artsy’s Head of Galleries & Fairs

Dear Gallery Partners,

I’m writing to introduce myself and to share some exciting developments regarding Artsy’s gallery partnerships.

I recently joined our Galleries & Fairs business after leading Artsy’s Private Sales team. Working more closely with galleries is a return to my art world beginnings as a critic and journalist in Berlin, before joining Artsy in 2015 to build out Artsy Editorial.

It has been incredible to witness our community of galleries grow from several hundred mostly in the U.S., to over 3,000 in 100+ countries. Together, we’ve made buying art easier and more accessible, welcoming new collectors into the art market. As a result, we now provide tens of thousands of new relationships and transactions to our galleries each month. Hearing from our partners about the collectors they meet on Artsy who they never would have met at an art fair or their physical space is the best part of my job.

We’ve also heard from many of you that determining the right time to place the right work with the right person has grown in importance as the art world has expanded— and is a process that Artsy can support further. That’s why I’m excited to introduce a suite of new features on Artsy that will allow you to see demand for your artists in real time; more easily vet collectors; and build more long-term relationships. This is just the beginning of an exciting product roadmap that will merge how the art world transacts offline with our industry-leading tools for buying art online.


Starting this week, you may see a new Demand tab in your Artsy CMS. The first addition to this Demand tab, called Alerts, lets you view real-time interest from Artsy collectors in artists you represent or have previously offered. Currently, collectors can set Alerts on artist pages with varying levels of specificity, including price range, medium, and rarity. When you publish a work meeting the collector’s criteria, they receive a notification.

Demand is currently in beta testing with galleries that already have a critical mass of recent Alerts set on their artists, and will be released to additional galleries over the coming months. Early testing indicates that works matching collectors’ alerts are more likely to sell. We are also continuing to add criteria to make Alerts as specific and actionable as possible. As with any new feature, we will continue to learn more and adjust based on your feedback.

Collector Profile

Works that collectors buy on Artsy are automatically added to My Collection, and collectors can choose to share all or a selection of these artists when placing an inquiry. We now display this information in Collector Profile, letting you know more about a collector when they place an offer or inquire on your works.

Conversation Filters

One of our most requested features, Conversation Filters launched this summer, allowing you to easily resurface past conversations with a collector or all conversations regarding a specific artist. Galleries with access to Conversations can more easily reengage Artsy clients with new works or shows by the artists they’ve expressed interest in previously.

I hope these new features save you time, improve the quality of the interactions you have with collectors, and, most importantly, help you sell more artworks to support the crucial work of your artists. I encourage you to reach out to your Account Executive with any questions, or email me directly at [email protected] with feedback on how we can continue to improve your experience on Artsy.

Alexander Forbes
VP, Galleries & Fairs