Art Collector Insights

Art Collector Insights
Art Collector Insights

Art Collector Insights:

Inflation, Online Sales, and New Collectors

This summer, Artsy surveyed collectors across the globe to check in on their current behaviors, preferences, and more. 

Ahead of another busy season, we’re sharing our insights to give galleries and collectors an in-the-moment understanding of the art market today.

Key Findings

  • Despite inflation, half of collectors have yet to change their purchasing habits. This is especially true for higher-income collectors, who feel comfortable spending money on art regularly, even in economic downturns.
  • More collectors are spending more of their art budget online. The IRL art world is back in full swing, yet a majority of collectors still prefer the convenience of buying art online.
  • New collectors are buying more art than ever before. Aided by easier purchasing methods and a more open art world, newer collectors (those who started collecting after 2018) are shaping the art market into the future.

New-to-Artsy emerging artists that collectors are watching

A group of 20 emerging global talents stand out as the most followed by collectors since joining Artsy in the past year. Download the report to see the full list.