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Being online doesn’t mean you’re succeeding online. Artsy receives 2.2 million+ unique visitors every month across web and mobile. That exposure, in addition to best-in-class Search Engine Optimization and personalized email recommendations, means your artists are well-positioned for optimal visibility across multiple digital channels.

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Marketplace tools like Conversations and selling options make it easy for collectors to inquire about or buy works from your gallery with a click of a button. Reduce existing barriers to purchase and let Artsy take care of facilitating your sales so you can focus on what matters most: nurturing your gallery, artists, and collectors.

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We meet collectors from all over the world through Artsy.

– Dan Chen, Chambers Fine Art

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We’d love you to refer the gallery that represents you. Artsy’s mission is to expand the art market to support more art and artists in the world.

Artsy does not work directly with individual artists. If you are represented by a gallery or other entity, we’d love to speak with them. Please direct the gallery to request partnership information and our gallery partnerships team will reach out.